Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Teeth Whitening in Ozark, MO

Teeth Whitening Ozark, MODr. David Struble is a cosmetic dentist in Ozark, MO who provides professional teeth whitening services. While there are several over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, professional services yield the quickest and most dramatic results. Not only are the products used by a dentist more effective, but the treatment can be customized to fit your specific needs. Depending on your treatment, the procedure can either be done in the office or at home.

Professional Options for Teeth Whitening

There are two main options for teeth whitening when you visit a dentist. These include:

Tray-Based methods – These treatments used custom made trays to fit your mouth. The trays are filled with a bleach-based tooth whitening agent and worn for several hours a day. The duration of the treatment can vary but generally lasts up to four weeks.

In-office treatments – These generally produce the quickest and most immediate results. While dramatic results can be seen after just one visit, several visits are often required to achieve the desired effect. This procedure works by applying the whitening agent directly to the teeth while a special light is used to speed up the whitening process. Each visit will last between 30 to 60 minutes.

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Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

While there are probably several options for teeth whitening available at your local pharmacy, these products will not produce the same results as you will get from Dr. Struble. Professional products offer several advantages that over-the-counter products cannot provide. These include:

• Higher strength whitening agent
• Custom designed mouth tray
• Increased safety
• Treatment plan designed just for you

If you would like to meet with a cosmetic dentist in Ozark, MO to discuss your options for teeth whitening and develop a treatment plan just for you, contact the offices of Dr. David Struble to schedule a consultation today!

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