Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Crowns and Bridges in Ozark, MO
Patients may experience damaged or missing teeth for a variety of reasons. Anything from injury to disease or decay can affect the appearance of your smile. As a Ozark, MO cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Struble can fix these issues using dental crowns and bridges.

Ozark, MO Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges Ozark, MOA dental crown is essentially a cap that is placed over the exposed portion of the damaged tooth to cover any flaws and prevent further damage. By encasing the portion of the tooth that protrudes above the gum line, a dental crown can preserve the structure of the tooth and limit exposure to bacteria. Crowns can be used to restore the shape, size, and strength of a tooth in the following situations:

• When a tooth has been weakened by decay
• When a tooth has been broken due to injury
• When a cavity has destroyed a large portion of the tooth structure
• When a tooth has undergone root canal
• When a tooth has become misshapen or discolored
• To enable functioning or give natural appearance to a dental implant

Just like dental crowns, bridges are used to restore the appearance and functionality to areas that have been damaged by disease or injury. When one or more teeth become so badly damaged that they need extraction, or fall out on their own, a dental bridge is used to fill in the area. A bridge is essentially made up of one or more false teeth suspended between two adjacent teeth.

Before a dental bridge can be put in place, the adjacent teeth need to be fitted with crowns. This requires some minor reshaping of these teeth to ensure the crowns will fit comfortably. Once the teeth have been reshaped, and the crowns are put in place, the prosthetic teeth will be cemented to the adjacent crowns and held in place. In this way, a bridge is able to close the gap left by missing teeth and restore the appearance and functionality to the area.

Ozark, MO Cosmetic Dentist

With Dr. Struble, dental crowns and bridges can usually be put in place in just two to three short visits. You will, of course, need to have a consultation before the procedure to ensure your mouth is healthy enough to support the structures. For more information on crowns and bridges, contact Dr. Struble and schedule your consultation today!
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