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Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. David Struble! If you are searching for information on general and cosmetic dental care and innovation technology, like laser gum treatment and digital imaging, you are in the right place. Our website is full of valuable information regarding all the different services and procedures that we offer here at Riverpointe Dental Care in Ozark, MO.

As a leading full service dentist in Ozark, MO, Dr. Struble is committed to bringing the most innovative, up-to-date treatments to Riverpointe Dental Care. In Ozark, MO patients can now come to us for such innovations as dental implants.

General Dentistry in Ozark, MO

Dr. Struble is known in the Ozark area as a leading general dentist. His eye for detail and dedication to perfection ensure that each of our patients leaves with a healthy, beautiful smile that they can be proud of. Our office offers a variety of advanced treatment options beginning with preventive care and continuing with DenturesTMJOcclusal AdjustmentSleep ApneaWisdom Teeth, and Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Struble also offers sleep apnea treatments so you can get the good nights sleep you deserve! Call us today to schedule your general dentistry appointment.

Dental Implants in Ozark, MO

Dental implants are widely regarded as the best long term solution for replacing missing teeth in adults. Because dental implants are placed within the jawbone, they are able to act just like natural teeth. After a three to six month healing period, the titanium implants will become fused with the jawbone and function just as a natural tooth root would. When compared to dentures or fixed bridges, dental implants are a secure long term solution for missing teeth in adults.

As a leading dentist in Ozark, MO, Dr. Struble knows that dental care is about more than just providing service, it is about relationships as well. When you visit Riverpointe Dental Care in Ozark, MO, we will do our best to make you feel just as comfortable in our offices as you would in your own home. If you have any questions relating to laser and cosmetic dental care in Ozark, MO, please call us today!

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